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Zambretti forecast

Fairly fine, showery later

Forecast based on: Pressure: 1024.5 hPa - Trend: 2 (Falling) - max: 1039.5 - min: 986.1
Wind from: n/a (English)
Month: 4. Hemisphere: 1 (Northern).

Zambetti This program tries to get a "same result forecast" as when using the

1915 Negretti and Zambra (Zambretti) Forecaster.

The original paper forecaster was designed for the Northern Hemisphere and UK "Weather Range". ie. The nearer the Poles the greater the spread between lower and upper barometer levels and large "trends" are needed for weather conditions change.

Conversely, the nearer the Equator the smaller the "spread" and smaller "trends" for change.

On the left a picture of the original weather prediction disc.

A forecast at approx. 09:00 local Solar Time is allegedly better than 90% accurate ! - even though it takes no account of rate of barometer change, wind speed or temperature.

More information can be found here: drkfs.net

The original idea for a program like this, comes from beteljuice and operates in different incarnations since 2008.

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Davis VUE


D-Link DIR-505


Davis VUE


D-Link DIR-505